A technical fix to a supervisory fumble

One of these days, I’m going to create a checklist for students creating file lists in Archivists’ Toolkit. You know how this goes, right? Maybe a colleague has a student whose time she needs to fill, and you happen to have a data entry project on hand. You get the student set up with the application, you talk through how to format titles and find dates, you explain title case and spelling out abbreviations. And you send him on his way, with a few check-ins along the way.

But drat! It’s two weeks later, he’s done, I’m checking his work and I realize that none of the publications in the box of publications were encoded with a title tag.

I’m lucky that this mistake was isolated to the same container. In the future, I’ll have to do a better job supervising, but for now there’s an easy fix.

for $container in ead:ead//ead:dsc/ead:c[2]//ead:did/ead:container[@type eq "Box"]
let $unittitle := $container/parent::ead:did/ead:unittitle
where $container = 10
replace node $unittitle with <unittitle><title render="italic">{$unittitle/text()}</title></unittitle>

In short, this looks for unittitles in the second series, box 10 (my box of publications) and replaces <unittitle> with <unittitle><title render=”italic”>.



2 thoughts on “A technical fix to a supervisory fumble

  1. I’m curious: Why wouldn’t you just use a style sheet to apply the italics on the rendering side, rather than hard-coding them in?

  2. That’s a supremely reasonable question and I have the supremely unsatisfying answer of “local practice.”

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